Wuhan Xingda

tn-wuhanWuhan Xingda High Technology Engineering Company Limited is based in Wuhan, China and has been involved in the design and manufacture of electrochlorination systems, primarily for the China power market market, for over 30 years. Wuhan Xingda has a proven record of delivering quality systems with service that is superior to any electrochlorination supplier in China. Wuhan has an installed base of over 100 systems within Asia, ranging from small systems to those producing over 20 tonnes/day of sodium hypochorite product.

Optimum Water Technologies’ cooperation agreement enables us to exclusively offer Wuhan Xingda manufactured systems and spare parts worldwide while Wuhan Xingda operates independently within the China market. Optimum Water Technologies contracts directly with the client and selected design, procurement and system assembly is supplied by Wuhan Xingda with close cooperation between Optimum Water Technologies and Wuhan Xingda’s experienced project/technical staff.

The Optimum Water Technologies/Wuhan Xingda partnership offers the following advantages and benefits to the client:


  • Sales and proposal interface, contract agreement, project management, and with a Singapore based company
  • Project communication and drawing submittals in English
  • Proven reliable technology based on years of experience
  • Supply of critical components such as anode structures from USA
  • Sourcing of sub-equipment from international suppliers
  • Selected manufacturing and assembly performed within established workshop in China
  • Project delivered on schedule
  • System guarantees provided by Optimum Water Technologies
  • Service and spare parts support by Optimum Water Technologies’ Singapore office
  • Competitive pricing