Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer (CTE)

Solving Energy Industries Biofouling Issues

The CTE system is typically used for small to medium production capacities, while PPE system is typically used for larger production capacities of sodium hypochlorite.


Self-Cleaning Technology for Continuous Operation without Acid Cleaning

  • Concentric Tube Electrolyzer (CTE) technology for offshore applications or on-shore systems where tubular cells are preferred by customer
  • Bi-polar design with seawater flow through annular region
  • High velocity (>2 m/s) turbulent flow regime for continuous operation with no acid cleaning.
  • Quick and easy maintenance of individual cell components
  • Cell flanges are manufactured by rolling to prevent stress corrosion cracking and provide long life
  • No acid washing of cell modules means no purchased chemicals and no lost production

CTE cell consists principally of two titanium tubes, one inside the other, with seawater flowing through the annular space between them. By passing an electric current through the seawater, the sodium chloride contained in this water is converted to sodium hypochlorite, i.e. the active ingredient required for anti-fouling.


Tailor-made Skid-mounted Assemblies

Every Electrochlorination Unit is custom-built to the individual requirements of each client. Usually a completely self-contained fully skid-mounted packaged unit comprising the following principal items is supplied:

  1. CTE cell assembly
  2. Transformer/Rectifier power supply
  3. Control panel
  4. Hydrogen removal tank
  5. Hypochlorite injection pumps (optional)

The whole skid can be made suitable for mounting in either hazardous or non-hazardous areas, for both indoor and outdoor use on the platform.