Optimum Anode Technologies

tn-optimumOptimum Anode Technologies, a sister company to Optimum Water Technologies located in Camarillo, California, supplies high-quality dimensionally stable anode structures and coatings for electrochlorination and electrochemical applications worldwide. Optimum Anode Technologies is a business affiliate of Titan Metal Fabricators, a leading fabricator of titanium and other exotic materials.

Optimum Anode Technologies works closely with Optimum Water Technologies to supply the titanium anodes and cathodes that comprise the most critical part of the seawater electrolyzers. Under the leadership of Mark Geusic, President, Optimum Anode Technologies has over 30 years experience in the anode coating business with Mr. Geusic holding several coating patents.

Optimum Water Technologies’ partnership with Optimum Anode Technologies enables us to better serve our clients through faster turnaround times for anode processing, closely coordinated quality control, and a lower overall cost structure. This partnership also enables Optimum Water Technologies to supply replacement electrolyzers and spare anodes on a rush basis; with titanium material in stock, rush orders can often be processed within days to get the client’s system back up and running.

For more information on Optimum Anode Technologies, please visit www.optimumanodes.com

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