Electrolyzer Replacements

OAT-3011-tn-eAll electrochlorination systems contain at least one electrolyzer assembly with cathode and anode electrodes. The titanium anode surfaces are coated with a ruthenium
or platinum based coating that gradually wears and must
be replaced after 5 to 10 years in service.

Optimum Water Technologies has the know-how and experience to provide replacement electrolyzers for any make and model of system, including plate-type electrodes and concentric tube electrodes (CTE).

Anodes are manufactured and coated to strict quality standards by OWT’s sister company, Optimum Anode Technologies located in Camarillo, California. Optimum Anode Technologies provides innovative solutions for all types of anode structures, including laboratory testing to ASTM standards.

All Optimum Water Technologies replacement electrolyzers are guaranteed to provide equal or better performance as the original OEM equipment with anode coatings guaranteed for a service life of five to eight years.

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