Marine Growth Prevention System

OPTIChlor™ Marine Electrochlorination System (shipboard installation) for Bio-fouling Prevention


The shipboard systems comprise a range of standard units capable of coping with cooling water volumes from 50 to 12,000 m3/h.

A small amount of seawater (2 or 5 m3/hr) is taken from a seawater line which remains constantly under pressure. The water passes – at high velocity – through the electrolytic cells where part of the salt is converted to sodium hypochlorite. This is then returned to the sea chest and mixes with the incoming seawater. The cooling water will now contain a trace residual chlorine sufficient to prevent the attachment and growth of marine organisms, thus keeping all circuits – from intake to discharge – free from fouling.

Seawater Circulating Pumps can be interconnected with the OPTIChlor™ Marine Electrochlorination System to ensure the output of sodium hypochlorite generated in automatically adjusted to suit the flow rates on board.

Suitable OPTIChlor™ models are available from our extensive shipboard range to treat all seawater flow rates.

Specifications of OCM model numbers

ModelNominal Rated kg/hr (lb/hr)Input Power kVAOutput DC VoltOutput DC AmpConcentration PPMMin. Flow Req. m3/hr (GPM)S.W. Treated to 0.5 PPM m3/hr (GPM)
OCM 0.050.05 (0.13)0.71525252 (9)100 (440)
OCM 0.10.1 (0.22)1.41545502 (9)220 (880)
OCM 0.20.2 (0.44)2.615901002 (9)400 (1750)
OCM 0.50.5 (1.1)3.5152201006.8 (30)1000 (4400)
OCM 11 (2.2)6.9154501806.8 (30)2000 (8800)
OCM 22 (4.4)13.8394503606.8 (30)4000 (17600)
OCM 33 (6.6)27454505406.8 (30)6000 (26400)
OCM 44 (8.8)36604507256.8 (30)8000 (35200)
OCM 55 (11)45754509006.8 (30)10000 (44000)
OCM 66 (13.2)545445010906.8 (30)12000 (52800)